New LA Adds: Raheem Cohen, Michael Vidal, Ghost Noise, and Joel Jerome

Raheem Cohen (DECORATOR) - Lunch Box EP: Floating from house show to house show in Silverlake, Hollywood based band Raheem Cohen (now known as DECORATOR actually.  So i’ll use them again in another email. i fooled the system mothafucka) brings a very funky, cross-genre taste of rock.  I think this band represents the multicultural demographics of LA very well.  The band is super smooth and dancey with hint of jazz. Easy to consume, poppy, but not cheesy. They’re also very fun to watch live; they play shows in LA all the time.  The song “Let Me Know” is a catchy song detailing being at a way too crowded LA party, and the breakdown in the end is amazing…DYLAN

RIYL: Red Hot Chili Peppers (kinda), 

Recommended Tracks: Let Me Know, Picture (Of You)

Michael Vidal - Assorted Tracks: Very dreamy, super airy songs that kind of remind you of the 80s.  Going from guitar driven songs with clean rifts to synth driven disco pop, Michael Vidal may have something for someone who likes indie rock but also elements of Chicago style house with vintage 80s synths.  Michael Vidal was previously part of indie rock band Abe Vigoda, a band that has a much more chaotic, distorted sound in comparison.DYLAN 

RIYL: Blood Orange, Abe Vigoda

Recommended Tracks: Midnight, Dreams (Come Back To Me)

Ghost Noise - This is the Next Part of Your Dream: Ghost Noise is the LA goth synth pop band of friends Gawby, John, and Josh. This album is very spiritual, and mentions the universe, souls, demons, sins, and the like. Their sound is fairly experimental in my opinion, especially the low vocals of one of the singers, John. His vocals are similar to last year’s KXSC Fest performer, Kirin J. Callinan. The low, chest voice vocals balanced out with Gawby’s higher ethereal voice make for a dreamy combo, and the synth, simple drum tempo, and existential lyrics (occasionally in French) rife with metaphors make for a beautiful listen. For some of the more interesting listens on the album, check out “Cosmica Sidera” and “Death by Way of the Dream.” They’re the outliers of the album but it makes me want to see what direction the band will go in for their next record. CHRISTINA

RIYL: Kirin J. Callinan, Frankie Rose, Craft Spells, Vivian Girls, Beach Fossils

Recommended Tracks: “Violet Light,” “Amethyst,” “Teen Veins,” “Black Moon”

Joel Jerome - Psychedelic Thriftstore Folk: Joel Jerome is an LA singer songwriter. He writes feel-good melodic music with a little bit of whimsy at times, like Ariel Pink. This record is his third full-length album. His previous records are When Beck Was Cool and Babies On Acid. It’s pretty chill music. Probably the kind of music one would smoke weed to if one were into that sort of thing (for legal medical reasons of course). He plays a lot of local shows with bands signed to Burger / Lolipop Records, so check out a live show sometime! He’s a super cool guy. CHRISTIANA

RIYL: Mac Demarco, Ariel Pink, Mikawl Cronin

Recommended Tracks: “Everyday,” “Everybody Wants Somebody”

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