New LA Adds: No Age, Cayucas, and Globelamp

No Age - Nouns: As founders of the punk rock venue The Smell and the LA based record label Post Present Medium, noise-rock punk band No Age holds a strong influence over a section of the LA music scene. Fun fact: the guitarist Randy Randall majored in communications at USC and also worked for KXSC in the early 2000s.   No Age is a two-man band made up of a lead guitarist and singer-drummer Dean Spunt specializing in very noisey mosh music and trippy ambient soundscapes.   “Eraser” begins with very bright guitar chords, building up with subtle drums that then explodes in your face.  “Things I Did When I Was Dead” features ghostly vocals over a collage of sounds and a bright guitar rift.  The difference of these two songs really depicts how No Age can create music you can break walls and blow shit up to then sit down and do shrooms in your room and stare at art work. DYLAN 

RIYL:  Bleached, Deerhunter, Abe Vigoda, Atlas Sound 

Recommended Tracks: Eraser, Things I Did When I was Dead, Sleeperhold, Impossible Bouquet, Brain Burner

Cayucas - Bigfoot: Hailing from the beachy pastel colored shirt juicing rich people town Santa Monica, Cayucas offers a very laid back cutsey indie pop sound that’ll make you want to hit the beach with your favorite vintage film camera and tweed mustache style.  The lead singer has tons of reverb to compliment the simple instrumentation of ukuleles, bright synths, and acoustic guitars. The music videos look like something straight out of a Wes Anderson film. DYLAN  

RIYL: Real Estate, Blood Cultures, Local Natives 

Recommended Tracks: Cayucos, High School Lover, A Summer Thing 

Globelamp - Star Dust: Globelamp is the psychedelic, lo-fi, gypsy/witch folk project of Elizabeth Le Fey, a Los-Angeleno who recently moved to Olympia, Washington. In my opinion, she’s the best band you’ve never heard of (she has less than 80 followers on Spotify currently). She went on tour with Foxygen when they opened for Of Montreal, but after a falling-out with the band, she formed her own side project. Her first full-length album, Star Dust, was recorded with the help of Foxygen frontman Sam France. She also has a catchy new single out called “Washington Moon,” that talks about her move from LA to Washington and the desire to be in two places at once. Her sound is authentic and dreamy lo-fi folk with poetic lyrics. CHRISTINA

RIYL: Angel Olsen, Waxahatchee, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes, Boy & Bear 

Recommended Tracks: “Breathing Ritual”, “Crystal”, “Casino Song”, “Witch House”



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