KXSC Fest Artist: Lavashark

LA-based analog wizards Lavashark employ eclecticism to create a sound that transcends time and space. The trio lists their influences as ranging from Muddy Waters to Aphex Twin. Their bold synth bass lines combined with gritty guitar riffs and vocals are just as reminiscent of the Deep South blues as they are of modern electronica. Drawing from old and new, Lavashark’s music ends up sounding like both and, in turn, neither. Their cover of Dale Hawkins’ 1957 “Susie Q” provides a prime example. Though they work from a converted garage in Venice, live performance is where the band thrives. Central to their focus is being able to form "a safe haven away from the digital age” with their performances. With Lavashark, concertgoers and soon KXSC Fest attendees, take part in an experience that is truly unique in a digitally dominated era. CAROLINE

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