KXSC Fest Vendor: Scents of Purpose

For the average candle connoisseur the last thing imaginable would be to wear the candles they buy. However, at Scents of Purpose, or S.O.P, candles are made using 100% pure soy, aka no added toxins, and have a three-in-one purpose: aromatherapy, body cream, and massage oil. The small eco-friendly company was founded when the owner was diagnosed with a severe lung disease after performing her EMS duties on 9/11. She was told by here doctor not to burn candles in her home any longer because of the toxins imbedded within. In turn CEO Bobbi Ann Cattanese teamed up with a prominent Malibu physician to seek out the healthiest and most natural products and scents to include in her candle recipes. To cap off this already inspiring story, Bobbi allocates parts of her profits to benefit organizations like The California Wildlife Center, Skid Row Project Feeding, and Bikers Against Child Abuse, amongst her own hands-on charity work: cooking and providing for California’s homeless population. In addition, for every Facebook like Scents of Purpose receives, they donate money to those following organizations. Candles come in scents like Latigo- pink grape fruit and citrus oils, Paradise Cove- Lavender and vanilla, and Eden- pomegranate, to name a few. The 100% pure soy, essential oils, and natural wicks give the candles a 150+ hour burn time. They can be ordered off the Scents of Purpose website, but at you can pick one (or two) up at KXSC Fest on Feb. 28th! DANIELLE 

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