KXSC Fest Artist: GameBrand

GameBrand There is nothing like hosting one of our own at KXSC, and that is what we did this year with the ‘jazz-turned-hip-hop’ duo GameBrand. USC Thornton music students Derek Gamlam and Brandon Canada make up the production and vocals respectively. With around 14 tracks on SoundCloud, the oldest dating back about a year ago, this fairly new group is gaining some traction. Turns out that it is the 1 year anniversary of “Pilot,” their freshman album. Their sound is quite original, with emotional melodies, deeply affected with jazz elements, on the keys and distinctly unique rifts in the vocals. The choruses are undeniably catchy and relevant for the young, college listener, with themes like “these are our years” and the college driven lyrics of their tune “Vibe feat. Brooke Aulani.” If you are a fan of Chance the Rapper, Childish Gambino or other artists in the new wave hip-hop movement, you won’t be able to resist GameBrand. I recommend one of their newer tracks “Junkie,” available for free download on SoundCloud @GameBrand. Don’t miss the sickest hip-hop act to hit KXSC– this Saturday, February 28th! DANIELLE

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