KXSC Fest Vendor: Murality

“Art without drama is not art at all.” At least, this is what Amalia Liapis, founder of Murality, stands by. When moving to Vancouver at the age of 13, she quickly noticed that the city’s Downtown Eastside lacked any sort of drama, leaving the area deficient of both culture and color. She saw possibility in the worn, grey streets, but could not find a solution to the problem until a trip to Mexico City, a place famous for its street murals.

The huge images paint the streets vivaciously, while simultaneously showing the pulsating culture of the local people. Inspired by the Mexican art’s theatrical, dramatic flair, she finally recognized the solution to the Downtown Eastside’s problem: art.

With this, Murality was born. Based outside of Vancouver, this non-profit welcomes both local and international artists alike to paint street art in the downtown area to promote community, foot traffic, and artistic support. The best part of Murality is that anyone can apply to be the next mural artist, regardless of experience. As Liapis eloquently puts it, “There are no boundaries in muralism. You can be wealthy, you can be uneducated, you can be super educated…but ultimately, what it does is bring people together.”

So if you have a dramatic flair or just an appreciation for art, stop by Murality’s tent at KXSC Fest, where they’ll be selling art and giving out more information on their organization. Don’t forget to stop by and promote this dope non-profit promoting an even doper cause. ARIANA 

Follow them on Twitter,  like them on Facebook, and check out their website

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