KXSC Fest Vendor: Azla Vegan

A lot of popular Los Angeles eateries fall into two distinct categories. (1) The health food category (aka the “everything comes with kale” category) or (2) the international category, surprising us with unique creations and combinations inspired by LA’s rich mixture of cultural backgrounds. With Azla Vegan Ethiopian Food, you are truly getting the best of both these worlds. 

Azla, the owner, started the restaurant with her youngest daughter, Nesanet, with the goal of creating a health conscious vegan restaurant that still keeps it simple, delicious, and affordable. Their modern take on Ethiopian food does just that without sacrificing traditional flavors. Whether you’re a fan of Ethiopian or vegan food, or just want to try something new, Azla Vegan Food will satisfy your cravings. Azla is housed at Mercado La Paloma, a 5 minute walk from USC's campus.

Traditionally, Ethiopian food is eaten with your hands, by ripping apart injera (Ethiopian flat bread/pancake) and using it to scoop up everything else. Azla’s injera combines a light fluffy texture with a delectably sour taste, and, big health bonus: it’s gluten-free! It provides the perfect backdrop to Azla’s variety of vegan versions of Ethiopian stews. One flavorful favorite is the spicy Misir, made of red lentils, basil, and spiced with berbere. If that’s not for you, the menu is packed with all kinds of superfoods from kale to quinoa: a health nut’s dream-come-true. 

Don’t worry though; they have something for the sugar addicts out there too. Azla’s offers an assortment of freshly baked treats, spiced and fruity iced teas, and strong Ethiopian coffee.

Whether you’re curious or health-conscious, Azla will have something for you! Beyond providing delicious and healthy Ethiopian food, this mother and daughter duo exemplifies a passion for family and togetherness. So bring your friends, and check out these vegan Ethiopian delicacies at Azla: coming soon to KXSC Fest near you. AMANDA 

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