KXSC Radio Presents the 7th Annual KXSC FEST!

BIG NEWS: You ALL are in for one yummy musical treat, and when I say "all" I mean "all," because EVERYONE is invited to KXSC FEST. On February 28th, KXSC Radio will be bringing you a full day packed with rad tunes, delicious food, and local art. You won't want to miss it! 

Past artists include: DJ Rashad,  Flying Lotus, and STFKR

Be sure to keep checking back on the official KXSC FEST website for more deets coming super soon. Also, don't forget to RSVP on Facebook here. 

If you're not a USC student, no worries, follow the steps on Eventbrite. 

Lastly, if you're feelin' extra generous, feel free to donate via Eventbrite and in return you will receive the FULL lineup early!  

Can't wait to see all of your beautiful faces at KXSC FEST! See ya there!

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