Show Review: Kaytranada at The Echoplex

I had a chance to see Montreal-based electronic music producer and dj Kaytranada perform at the Echoplex for Redbull’s 30 days of LA event, showcasing a different artist every night of the month November.

The venue itself was beautifully decorated with blue light bulbs and disco balls. There were sofas along one wall for people to chill on between sets and there was even a claw machines to waste your spare coins on. Big props to the sound guys who turned up the bass so loud that I could feel the music vibrate through my whole body without having to stand right in front of the speakers. I also really liked that even though the show sold out, the venue was not uncomfortably full. Having had enough space to dance contributed greatly to the overall experience. It was also super cool that everyone was given a massive chewy chocolate chip cookie when exiting the venue at the end of the night – thanks Redbull!

The night was opened by Canadian MC Tre Mission and RUMTUM. Around 11:30pm, Kaytranada kicked off his set with a blend of nu disco and deephouse – my jam. Half way through his set, he was joined by Syd Tha Kid from Odd Future and The Internet for the song “girl”, which was a cool surprise. Overall, the vibe was really good. Everyone was dancing their faces off and having a good time. My only criticism would be that Kaytranada does not seem to be as good of a live dj as he is a producer. He did not mix his songs very well, made a few noticeable mistakes here and there and abruptly changed genres a few times. I personally lose my groove a little when the music suddenly jumps from disco to trap, but that might also be because I am not a fan of trap.

My final verdict is this: I wish Kaytranada would have incorporated a bit more live dj-ing in his set, rather than just playing songs. Then again, those songs were pretty damn excellent. Definitely do see this artist if you are a fan of his work. My highlight of the set was his remix of Janet Jackson’s “if”; check it out if you have not heard it yet. 
CHARLIE'S DISCO PARTY, Wednesday's 7-8 pm


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