New Loud Rock Adds: Puscifer, Born of Osiris

Puscifer - Money ShotWell, it’s not Tool, that’s for sure. And the fact that I opened my review with that statement is why Maynard James Keenan - frontman of Tool, Puscifer, and A Perfect Circle - called his fans “retards” in a recent interview. His side project Puscifer, active since 1995 (nearly as long as Tool), has never been taken as seriously as Tool. This really seems to piss MJK off but I think he needs to recognize that he is famous because of Tool and he can’t expect his side projects to reach that level. So anyways, Money Shot is Puscifer’s seventh album, and it’s honestly pretty good if you like experimental trippy post-rock. I didn’t know that I liked it but I could learn to like it. Basically Money Shot feels to me like the mellower bass/guitar riffs of Tool with the weird trippy synth progressions of Tame Impala. There are these female vocals that join Maynard’s vocals pretty frequently which I really am not a fan of. Besides that, like I said, this music totally rocks but everyone’s just going to say, “Well it’s not Tool.” If you like experimental alternative you’d really like this album, but if you’re a Tool fan… well, you’ll never be satisfied with his side projects, will you? CHRISTIAN

RIYL: Tool, A Perfect Circle, I don’t even know what else

Recommended Tracks: Grand Canyon (3), The Arsonist (6), Smoke and Mirrors (8)

Born of Osiris - Soul Sphere: If you’re not too afraid of screaming, Born of Osiris’ fourth album Soul Sphere could be a lot of fun for you. I would describe it as the moshing rhythms of djent combined with the beautiful solos and breakdowns of metalcore. If you only listen to a minute of it and decide the screaming turns you off, give it another two minutes, it’s surprisingly melodic. Soul Sphere incorporates a lot of elements that are pretty popular in djent/deathcore, the whole electronic feel to some of the drumming is somewhat unique. The band definitely has a pretty strong “Warped Tour” vibe if that means anything to you. I definitely wouldn’t define my taste in loud rock by the Warped Tour vibe but I’ll jam to it all day. If you’re going for it, I highly recommend “River of Time” or “Illuminate.” CHRISTIAN

RIYL: Anyone on Warped Tour. Bring Me the Horizon, Veil of Maya

Recommended Tracks: River of Time (11), Illuminate (4), The Other Half of Me (1)


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