New Hip-Hop Adds: Milo, Big Grams, Run the Jewels

Milo - So the Flies Don't Come: Milo is an upcoming young wordsmith affiliated with Hellfyre Club based out of Los Angeles, which be on some experimental 'art' rap stee, feel me.  I didn't fuck too hard with his last EP, but this one knocks, kid. Don't sleep. Homie's an ill lyricist that can spit some clever lines, but also seems like one of those motherfuckers that wouldn't stop talking about how 'nerdy' or 'weird' they are in conversation. So the Flies Don't Come is also produced by one of my favorite producers right now, Kenny Segal, so u kno it slapps. JAISON

Recommended tracks: 2, 3, 7, 9, 10  



Big Grams - Big Grams: Big Grams is Big Boi's collaborative EP with Phantogram. I'll back anything by Big Boi, given how hard I can stan out on Outkast. Usually I don't fuck with the whole 'rap song with chorus' thing cause it be hella played out sometimes, and I'm the type of fool who just wants bars. But this was a fun listen. Not Big Boi's strongest release, but technically he shits on a lot of rappers out there still. Right on their chests. Fuck Skrillex on that last track. Not a fan of that. JAISON

Recommended Tracks: 2, 4, 6


Run The Jewels - Meow the Jewels: U already kno cuzin. I mean, it's Run the Jewels 2 with cat noises. what do you expect. I'm not even gonna give it a review. Don't take this shit too seriously. It's literally a bunch of cat noises. El-P is one nutty motherfucker. I guess if I have to pick favorites off of this it would be tracks 1 and 6 JAISON

Recommended Tracks: 1, 6




Megaran - RNDM: I actually never heard of this fool before some promoter shot this at me. But it's actually kinda tight. I guess homie's signed by CAPCOM or something? Like the videogame developer. RIP Megaman, feel me? Why don't they make any new Megaman games? That was my steez as yungin. Anyway, of course kid's fuckn with that nerdrap over 8bit beats or whatever. But his feature game is actually strong --  he got Kool Keith, Open Mike Eagle and MURS on      this piece. That's pretty ill. JAISON

Recommended Tracks: 7, 10, 15, 17 


Azizi Gibson - Prehistoric Till Death: I'm not the biggest Azizi stan, but I can see the appeal. He can go hard and really bring up the energy when he wants. Kid can definitely put together some bangers if he wanted to. But Prehistoric Till Death ventures into some soft R&B "why ain't we together no more" cornball mothafucka Drake ass shit. I swear his flow even gets a little Drake-y. But there no doubt some parts of tracks where he goes from 0-100 (sorry) and can really kill it. JAISON

Recommended Tracks: 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 18


Chuck Inglish - Everybody's Big BrotherI dunno if any of y'all fuck with The Cool Kids, but you may recognize Chuck as one half of the pretty well known rap duo. Anyway, Everybody's Big Brother gets on some bassy, slightly trappy, futuristic shit. Got some solid slappers up on this piece, but nothing revolutionary like this gonna change the rap game or nothing. JAISON

Recommended Tracks: 1, 2, 6, 7, 12 



MED, Blu, and Madlib - Bad NeighborMad out here reppin So-cal with this release, and it slapps. I mean, I won't lie, I fuck with literally 90% of Madlib's drops. MED isn't a stranger to workin with the Beat Conducta, having been featured on his Lootpack shit (Soundpieces: Da Antidote) and also spit a verse on Madvillainy's "Raid". I don't know too much about Blu, I won't front, besides how miserably he fucks up at twitter beefing with Schoolboy QAnyway, this shit knocks, and been on my rotation. Madlib making magic and been on that G-Funk sound lately. JAISON

Recommended Tracks: 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, 13


Nappy Roots - The 40 Akerz Project: This piece was kicked over to me by a promoter. Never heard of this fool, but he fucks with some blunted, spacy, mellow sound. It's solid, but not doing anything new. JAISON

Recommended Tracks: 2, 3, 5





Talib Kweli & 9th Wonder - Indie 500: Any backpacker's wet dream. Talib Kweli is prominent as one half of BlackStar with Mos Def, and has a reputation of being the epitome of conscious rap (even tho homie gets hella salty over that label). 9th wonder works a lot with the Soulquarian and stereotypical Backpacker MC's (looking at u, MURS, Jean Grae, so it just kinda makes sense. Boom-bap, soulful, sample based hip-hop. Tight tho. JAISON

Recommended Tracks: 4, 5, 6, 7, 10



Jonathan Emile - The Lover / Fighter Document: I honestly don't really fuck with it. But I'll add it for feats from Kendrick, MURS, and Buckshot who some of y'all might be into. This was kicked to me by a promoter too, but I think this kid's more of an R&B singer, but people rap over his shit? Oh I guess he spits a bit, but he don't got any heat. I dunno. Everytime he got an ill feature on a track he'll namedrop the fuck out of it too. but whatevs. JAISON

Recommended Tracks: 3, 7, 11

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