Show Review: Sylvan Esso at the Fonda Theatre

Be it sponsoring incredible wing suit races or actually sending someone to space, Red Bull’s wings seem to be in high supply. This year’s 30 Days in LA event has only reinforced the company’s incredible capacity to elevate athletes and artists alike. Sylvan Esso’s contribution to the concerts fit this theme perfectly, creating a space where both the performers and the audience could fly almost as high as Felix Baumgartner. 

Photo Credit: Koury Angelo / Red Bull Sound Select / Content Pool

Photo Credit: Koury Angelo / Red Bull Sound Select / Content Pool

Although appearing a little late at 11:20, the electro-folk duo wasted no time delivering dank vibes to the delightfully dancing crowd. The show marked the final act in Amelia Meath and Nick Sanborn’s (Sylvan Esso’s) two year tour and their endearing appreciation to the audience created the perfect space for a strong last show. Sanborn’s deftly deep bass beats topped with Amelia’s angelic voice allowed audiences to feel the magic of flight, no wing suit required. As always, the crowd went crazy for “Coffee,” a song which has provided one of my favorite live music experiences of 2015. And staples such as “Hey Mami,” “H.S.K.T.” and “Play it Right” kept the energy high throughout the show. Long story short, the show was sweet. Sylvan Esso has continually killed it throughout their first two years on tour and we can’t wait to see what these guys have in store for the future!  

Mondays 7-8:30 pm

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