New World Adds: A-Wa, Campo


A-Wa - Habib GalbiThree sisters of the surname Haim seems to be a musical mix of fate. I won’t argue which Haim trio is better, but in this case, the Yemenite one has reworked a traditional song into an enjoyable hip-hop single that is so enjoyable, that it has in fact worked its way into the Israeli top charts, making it the first Arabic song to do so. A recommendation straight from Liana “I’m hilarious” Wertman herself. We’ll keep our eyes on these three. IAN

Campo - Nocturno: Dancy and dark, this EP by the collective known as Campo was created for The Ballet Nacional Sodre Of Uruguay. Clearly composed as much as produced on the EP’s forte is the leading track Ciudad which also bookends the record, reprised with a spoken poem by the playwright Gabriel Calderón. The dance of this track holds enough tension and composition to contain the charge that sort of overwhelms the rest of the tracks through less precise control of the drum and noise machine. I recommend the first but to a lesser degree all tracks perhaps La Luz Tranquila withstanding from recommendation. IAN




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