Interview with Cakes Da Killa

Where can music lovers find funk music, psychedelic rock and gulf-coast soul all in one show? A Red Bull Sound Select concert. As a part of their “30 Days in LA” series, Red Bull Sound Select has curated some of the top performing artists in the music scene and set up a month of dynamic and explosive showcases. In the next week, we’ll be bringing you interviews from some of the artists. First up, Cakes Da Killa!

When someone sees your name, I think it’s so easy for them to think it’s such sweet name, but then the killa brings on a twist. Is that on purpose?

Yes, everything I do is on purpose.  

How do you feel to have been selected by Redbull to play given the exclusivity of 30 days in LA?

I've been working with Redbull for a while and I feel like the company has an appreciation for my live shows, the music and they really seem to just believe in me. I think they see my growth and my hustle and I'm always a turn up so why not include me in the mix. 

You’re performing with Chromeo, do you have any favorite songs?

Can't pick just one. They're pretty cool. 

You graduated in 2013 and at the time, had still been able to successfully navigate a career in music. Tell us a bit about that. 

Well I'm not going to lie and say my senior year didn't suffer from the late nights in the city performing at dive bars or the last minutes tour to Australia but I managed. For me, graduating in 4 years was important because I had a single parent putting through school and I know that's what my mother wanted. I quickly realized college wasn't the direct route I needed to take to obtain my version of financial independence or happiness but I made it through by the skin of my teeth. 

Talk a bit about your process. You’re lyrics like “See a cunt, pluck a cunt, easy like a tweezing/When I see this bitch I can’t help but start skeezing.” and “Bitch, I wanna fuck your boifriend, bitch, I wanna fuck your man” are incredibly straight up. 

LOL you think so? 

What inspires you when writing? 

My life. Red wine. Independent movies. Pop culture. Hangovers. Boys. Fantasies. Loneliness. The unquenchable desire for more. Lamb chops. 

And what’s are some of the stories you’re hoping to convey when you have these attention grabbing lyrics?

It depends. I guess these lyrics are attention grabbing because I'm a male talking about my attraction for other males. For me that's not attention grabbing that's just my reality. I don't talk about selling cocaine or making it rain on strippers because that's not my life but I might have fucked your man - simply living in my truth. 

Some people might be offended by these lyrics. What would you say to them?

Change the station. 

Do you feel like you being gay influences your sound, or are you annoyed with those types of questions?

Yes and yes but I'm pro visibility. 

People have compared you to Lil Kim. But I hear more Nicki Minaj - who are some rappers that influence you?

Missy, Busta Rhymes, ODB, Cam'ron, Erykah Badu, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Nicki Minaj & Bette Midler. 

Your latest project, #IMF was sonically, different from your previous releases. Was there any hesitation in giving something fans wouldn’t normally expect?

No. I just make my music and keep it moving. 

#IMF is about heartbreak. What’s next?

A mainstream hit and a role in a major motion picture. Heartbreak is so 2014. 


Cakes Da Killa will be performing alongside Chromeo, Pearl Charles and The Suffers at Mack Sennett Studios. For more information on shows like this, visit



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