Green Light Festival Playlist + Preview

Calling all reggae fiends in the European vicinity: Green Light is an up and coming Amsterdam festival on a mission. A proper one for the bass junkies, roots aficionados, and viral dub heads, it’s bringing a massive roster of artists rooted in Jamaican sound and culture to the Venice of the North. A lineup not usually seen outside the likes of the UK, the event has billed Mala, Dubkasm, Congo Natty, David Rodigan, Daddy Nature, and more.

Below, you’ll find some prime cuts from the artists listed above, a little taste of the selection to come...

"Lean Forward" - Mala

Mala, half of Digital Mystikz and one of the original don dadas of dubstep, is a legend in the realm of electronic music. The presence of dub infiltrates his sub-busting, soul and jazz-inflected tunes, harkening to the Jamaican jungle, sound system, and Jah’s power itself (plug “Jah Power Dub” – proper dubplate madness).

"Victory"- Dubkasm

The Bristol crew composed of Stryda and Digistep, are known across the world as pioneers of UK reggae music and champions of roots sound for over 20 years. Though their catalogue of LPs, 12”s, and dubplates is large, it’s safe to say “Victory” is one of the highlights that will mash up the dance everytime.

"Code Red" - Congo Natty (aka Rebel MC aka Conquering Lion aka etc.)

This is an artist whose music is rooted in the African diaspora, combining influences of hip-hop, techno/house, and most importantly reggae. My favorite productions from Congo Natty are probably the ragga jungle belters from the early noughties (see above).

David Rodigan - Fact Mix

This is one of the most important if not the most important radio DJ in the world of reggae and dancehall, having uncovered and promoted quality Jamaican music for over 40 years. Equally bad on the airwaves as he is inna clash or on a proper system (dubplates and vocals galore), Rodigan may be the star of the show.

"Morgan's Rain" - Daddy Nature

Daddy Nature from the Urban Nerds crew is an up and coming reggae/dnb talent from London, one to definitely keep an eye on. Check the soundcloud below and get blessed with smooth rollers like “Morgan’s Rain”:

Come out to the show at Melkweg in Amsterdam on Friday, October 23rd

Big up Green Light!

- Robin Dey, Intern

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