New Electronica Adds: Laurel Halo, Faze Miyake, DJ Spinn, Various Artists


Laurel Halo - In Situ: I was lucky enough to catch Laurel Halo at Decibel and she is a madwoman behind the machine. In case you're familiar with her previous work on Hyperdub, this one is definitely markedly different: previous ones have been hazy, lush and to a certain extent, ambient. But this album clearly realizes her punchy warped analogue tendencies, none of that reverb echoey voice stuff that first drew me in to her work. This album is fully realized pulsating and mutated "techno"; track "Nebenwirkungen" transforms from the echo of the inside of a water pipe into a transmission of frequencies to outer space. Then "Drift" hits so strongly as to send your body into an involuntary dance. As fast as it came, it slowly fades, with "Focus 1," a sample of some jazzy reverby piano music burning out over a trying beat pattern. Really worth an entire listen, preferably when walking through the gray streets of the midwest or trimming your bonsai tree.  [spotify link]. CARRIE

RIYL: Oneohtrix Point Never, James Ferraro, Actress

Recommended Tracks: 3, 4, 5, 8, ALL

Faze Miyake - Faze Miyake: UK roadman Faze Miyake returns with a major ting off Rinse. This is an album with killer vocal collaborations and instrumentals begging to be spit on--outerspace synths combined with an American southern rap/trap influence at the pace of grime. Standout track is definitely "Ice Cold," a track featuring Inga Copeland, her wilted voice over some mutated flutes and odd noises that still manages to bang. Honestly this album is just full of bangers--"Below Me" with Sasha Go Hard, and "The Nest" with Little Simz, and tons of the instrumentals were made for the club--with weird grime sounds but with the bass and trap sounds that make these comfortable to those who love Power 107. [spotify link]. CARRIE

RIYL: Preditah, Darq E Freaker, DJ Mustard beats

Recommended Tracks: 1, 3, 10, 7 if u like old school grime, 6 if you need a club tool

DJ Spinn - Off That Loud EP: For me, the strength of this EP relies entirely off "Dubby" alone. I honestly miss old DJ Spinn--the floaty soul samples and lo-fi drums. I was honestly put off by the 1st track "Throw It Back"-- terrific if you want a trap song at 160bpm but otherwise.. not? "The Future is Now" cool 8-bit influenced footwork, and "Off That Loud" is a woozy track that is reminiscent of Double Cup, but all I can say is honestly Dubby Dubby Dubby Dubby. Dubby. "Dubby" starts off sounding like two different tracks being mixed together: it's a saxphone sample filtered out into a fine velvet, then a hard-hitting drum and bass bit, then Danny Brown coming in with the crucial "I don't know where you from, but this is how my hood work" lyric. I love this tune SO much. From an academic standpoint, it includes all the sounds of footwork I love, plus a really cool vocal sample with Danny Brown talking about footwork. Plus it goes off. [spotify link]. CARRIE

RIYL: DJ Rashad, Danny Brown, footwork lol

Various Artists - Grime 2.0: One of the first things I listened to when I was just getting started into Grime. Essential listening! It hits all the maximal and minimal points of grime-- from Inkke's crucial "L-O-K" weird sampling of a printer and hollow bottle sounds, to Visionist's "Dem Times." Really interesting booklet to read on the inside of this one too. 

Here's a video of DJ Assault (ghetto house producer/dj) talking about dessert:

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