New Punk Adds: Snooty Garbagemen, Bikini Kill, Wavves

Snooty Garbagemen - Snooty Garbagemen: I really like these guys. They have some cool effects that they put on their guitars that you don't see in punk too often, and their guitar solos are fire. While some of the deeper cuts are kind of average, the highlights on the album make up for it. JACK

RIYL: The Oblivians, Dinosaur Jr./Deep Wound, Clone Defects

Recommended Tracks: 1,3,4,5,9


Bikini Kill - Revolution Girl Style Now!: *Disclaimer. This isn't really a new album. It's a reissue of Bikini Kill's very first demo. If you don't know Bikini Kill, you should check them out since they were definitely a landmark band in the 80's alternative scene. You should know going into listening to this album that the recording is pretty low-fi (and by low-fi I mean 1980's low-fi), so the mix is pretty inconsistent. But after listening to it a lot of the songs manage to transcend how shitty the recordings are. Plus, this reissue comes with three bonus tracks at the end of the album. Yay! JACK

RIYL: X, Joan Jett, Patti Smith

Recommended Tracks: 2,4,5,7

Wavves - V: I like Wavves, and I've liked Wavves since high school. Even though I feel like a lot of bands nowadays really cop this band's sound, especially around here, the band has been able to stay ahead of the pack for the most part. This isn't really the album that proves that though. Most of the album sounds kind of boring and the same though. The opener is awesome, and there are a couple of other tracks that are pretty good too. But there aren't really any tracks like "Green Eyes" "Nine is God" or "Demon to Lean On" that a lot of people love Wavves for. But it's a good album. Not as good as their last two albums, but about on par with their first two. Keeps pace with what the rest of this sound is already putting out, but doesn't forge ahead. Worth a listen if you're into them already. JACK

RIYL: FIDLAR, The Orwells, Colleen Green

Recommended Tracks: 1,5,10

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