KXSC Sample Showcase feat. Ndugu Chancler

KXSC Radio presents the 1st Sample Showcase of the year. This event series is put together by the Jazz and Hip-Hop departments in an effort to bridge the gap between the two genres through the discussion of sampling. 

Our featured guest for this edition is Ndugu Chancler. He will discuss his legendary career, thoughts on sampling, and what it's like to be a sampled musician. Hope to see you there! 


WHERE: Ground Zero



Ndugu Chancler is a drummer, percussionist, producer, composer and educator. As a studio musician, Ndugu has recorded with such greats as Frank Sinatra, Herbie Hancock, Weather Report, John Lee Hooker, Kenny Rogers and Michael Jackson.

Working on Thriller and Bad, Ndugu was the drummer on the hit single "Billie Jean". Ndugu has also played on a number of movie soundtracks including An Officer and a Gentleman, Indecent Proposal and The Color Purple.

As a songwriter, Ndugu co-wrote hits for Santana including "Dance Sister Dance", "Reach For It" for George Duke, and "Let It Whip" for the Dazz Band. His production credits include Flora Purim, Bill Summers and Toki, along with his own solo recordings: Ndugu and the Chocolate Jam Co. and Ndugu Chancler.

Ndugu has co-produced recordings for Santana, George Duke, The Crusaders, Joe Sample, Wilton Felder, Tina Turner, Ernie Watts, and a group he co-leads with Patrice Rushen. These associations have won many gold and platinum albums and Grammy Awards.

Come check him out this Tuesday! We'll see you there.

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