New LA Adds: Eagle Nebula and Girlpool

Eagle Nebula - Call Me Nebs EP: P cool rapper, associate of Ras G, among others. Really off-kilter swung beats and a good flow. Eagle Nebula seems like a really chill human being. Short but sweet! Check out "Most Beautiful ft. Caits Meissner".

RIYL: Knxledge, Samiyam, Jeremiah Jae

Girlpool - Girlpool: Girlpool, a DIY two piece band, combines an attitude of brutal honesty and a stripped down, raw sound. The duo's shouty vocals deliver catchy melodies and tight harmonies over the bare sounds of just a bass and guitar. Their lyrics often address topics of feminism and youth. Their music is unapologetically vulnerable and highly relatable. Previously on Big Joy, but Wichita is putting out their remastered album in November. Listen here!

RIYL: Speedy Ortiz, Slutever, Frankie Cosmos

That's all from me. See you next week.

Your Friend,

Henry (and Kate)

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