KXSC Sample Showcase feat. Munyungo Jackson

KXSC Radio presents the 2nd Sample Showcase of the year. This event series is put together by the Jazz and Hip-Hop departments in an effort to bridge the gap between the two genres through the discussion of sampling.

Our featured guest for this edition is Munyungo Jackson. He will discuss his legendary career, thoughts on sampling, and what it's like to be a sampled musician. Hope to see you there!


WHERE: Ground Zero



Though Daryl "Munyungo" Jackson began his musical career as a classical pianist, he began to play timbales at age 17 with his high school classmates in a Latin jazz band. It wasn't long before Jackson was hooked on Latin styles of percussion, moving on to congas, bongos, bells and triangles.

Throughout his career he has worked with traditional drummers from Africa, Latin America, China and Japan, building an international resumé of musical styles, as well as a collection of over 400 pieces of equipment. Jackson also experiments with the non-traditional percussion equipment of drum machines, sequencers and samplers to create his music.

Jackson has also performed with artists like Willie Bobo, The Supremes, Miles Davis and Anita Baker, as well as worked on a number of film and television soundtracks. Because of his skill and range, Jackson can perform in any musical setting, from funk to pop to jazz to Latin. He has also performed and toured with Jean Luc Ponte, Stevie Wonder and Diane Reeves.

In addition to his touring and session work Jackson is a staff member of the Los Angeles-based Watts Towers Art Center and leads the traditional African band Jungle Book.

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