Album Review: Complètement Fou

Buckle your seatbelts everyone because we’re about to go on a bumpy ride of love, fun, and sick beats with Yelle’s new album Complètement Fou. The melodies are a lot stronger than their previous albums, thanks to the work of the famous producer Dr. Luke. Yelle has always focused on the beats with their music but Dr. Luke is a man that’s all about melodies. Even with his collaborative work, Yelle still stands out with their unique beats and lyrics. Along with Dr. Luke’s help on the melodies and Yelle’s contribution with the beats and vocals, it made the album outstanding.

Yelle’s sweet vocals and hard electronic beats really showcase what they can do when pushed to the limit. Just like Phoenix and Martin Solveig, Yelle pulls in catchy guitar licks accompanied with synth beats for the new album. Two songs that demonstrate this are "Moteur Action" and "Un Jour Viendra". The songs utilize sick guitar licks to create a masterpiece.
Two tracks that summarize the album well are "Complètement Fou" and "Bouquet Final", showing the dynamic opposite emotions that the album conveys. "Complètement Fou" (Totally Crazy) has fun beats and goofy lyrics while "Bouquet Final" (The Grand Finale) gives off strong lyrics with an intense melody supporting it. The album does have hilarious moments but still offers heartfelt moments of love lost and love gained. Throughout these 13 tracks, Yelle takes us into a world of electronic wonderland and leaves us wanting more.

This is the strongest album they have released so far. The growth and the complexity is not only in the lyrics but the melodies and beats that helped make this album.

Recommended Tracks: "Bouquet Final", "Complètement Fou"


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