New LA Adds: Mattson 2, Knxledge, and Old Testament

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Mattson 2 - AgarI was totally in the doldrums because I couldn't find any good local bands and this record picked me up out of them because this record is really awesome. Mattson 2 are a guitar based psych-jazz duo whose compositions are really ethereal and hazy but really exhilarating at the same time. Really beautiful melodies and big walls of sound and awesome soloing. Listen to this! 

RIYL: Sun Ra, Sonny Sharrock, surf rock, chillwave

Knxledge - Hexual Sealings Prt 7: Really solid beat tape mostly of R&B edits and stuff. Almost ambient in parts but real soulful. Some of these are definitely beats but it's hard to see someone rapping over them. Inconsequential, but pretty fun and well executed. Check out "24hr's[WTT]".

RIYL: J Dllla, Madlib, the trend of R&B edits that's been overtaking all music since 2010 or so

Old Testament - s/t: Desert-y dark Americana psych thing. Some tracks go further into the ether than others and they're way cooler as a result. The others are kind of boring black keys annoying white guy with a beard at a microbrewery-core. But yeah, some are p tripped out and apocalyptic and cool. Check out "Key to the Kingdom".

RIYL: Black Keys, Allah-las


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