On The Rug w/ Viento Callejero

Get your groove on to some Cumbia and eat mouthwatering foods from authentic restaurants this Tuesday at Mercado La Paloma! KXSC DJ Daniel Rais will start off the evening followed by Urban Cumbia band Viento Callejero. The event is free for all to come and enjoy! 

++Viento Callejero++

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"Viento Callejero is a fresh approach on urban tropical music stripped down to feature its rawest elements. This trio breaks down the rhythmic and melodic pulse of Cumbia Colombiana, Son Montuno, Merengue, Reggae, Dance Hall, and Rock to create a new sound that is infectious to the listeners ears, hips, and feet" - Viento Callejero

++Daniel Rais++

Rocola Soul // Transcend the Bull // OffRadar


Where: Mercado La Paloma

When: Tuesday, September 16 from 6pm to 9pm

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