Lightning In a Bottle Tips and Tricks (This Weekend)


Most people in Los Angeles knows about The Do LaB, as they’re responsible for producing countless events in the city that are always surreal and out-of-the-box, including their famed Coachella installation. It should be of no surprise then that The Do Lab has long been hosting a very particular, and what they call "transformative" kind of festival since 2004 that showcases art, sustainability, creative expression, and of course, an amazing line up of music.   The festival will take place from May 22nd - 26th in Bradley, CA and KXSC has some suggestions for how to sift through the immense diversity of music, art and activities the festival offers.   

Little Dragon

Little Dragon

Little Dragon, Phantogram, and Simian Mobile Disco are amongst some of the biggest artists headlining the festival this year, all of whom who have recently put out highly well-received albums.

Of course, they’ve booked some of Pretty Lights Music’s best: Gramatik and Break Science, who will undoubtedly keep the loose and groovy vibes of the festival in check.

Others to check out are Amon Tobin, The Polish Ambassador, Saqi, Cashmere Cat, Chet Faker, and Ryan Hemsworth.


In addition to their many artists, LiB will host a large array of speakers that will discuss topics ranging from regenerative society and technology, sustainability and environmental awareness, to Indigenous Tribal Elders and Spiritual Consciousness. One speaker not to miss will be by a headliner of this year’s festival, Moby, who will discuss Music as a Therapy

There will be countless yoga and movement classes, workshops for every walk of life, and arts of every medium, including various performing artists that will be performing on their own stages as well as throughout the festival grounds.


In addition, the festival will house various interactive areas, such as a village marketplace, a gong sanctuary, and a tea temple.  Not to miss is the Geodesic, a dome constructed of pyramids that creates a powerful multi-sensory experience for those inside.

In addition, The Lucent Dossier Experience, and avant-garde circus, who recently performed at The Do LaB Installation at Coachella, will begin their headlining national tour at LiB.

A new and exciting audio system will be installed at the Woogie Stage. The Pure Groove Audio System will use Space Age Technology that will provide the audience with best sound available on the planet. Stop by the Woogie Stage to see acts such as Claude Von Stroke and Simian Mobile Disco.

The Do LaB will donate a percentage of the festival’s profits to Monterey Country’s Sol Treasure’s local arts programs, Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary, and the Do Art Foundation.

This festival will undoubtedly be the highlight of your summer, so grab your ticket if you haven’t yet, and if you’re already going, we’ll see you there, and I hope these tips above will help you create the most diverse and exceptional festival experience you’ve had thus far. If you can’t make it this weekend, be sure to check back on the blog for a review of the very best of the festival. 

Join Anya and Caroline this weekend!

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