KXSC Sample Showcase feat. Downtown Collective

After months of celebrating the connection between jazz and hip-hop, KXSC is very proud to present this school year's final Sample Showcase featuring USC's very own jazz and hip-hop group Downtown Collective! Following in the footsteps of The Roots and Stetsasonic, Downtown Collective combine hip-hop with jazzy live instrumentation. In addition to showcasing their own original material,they will also add their own touch on the jazz songs that gave birth to some of hip-hop's most well known classics. So join us Tuesday night for a great night of live music!

++Downtown Collective++

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WHERE: Ground Zero


KXSC Sample Showcase feat. Downtown Collective is part of KXSC's Spring Fundraiser starting Wednesday, April 16! If you’re feeling a wave of generosity :) please donate at http://bit.ly/1kY3GQd

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