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Damaged Bug - Hubba BubbaRetro synth psych experiments from Thee Oh Sees' John Dwyer, who I guess counts as an LA artist now that he's very publicly cut off all ties with San Francisco, citing its gentrification-induced soullessness. SF is too soulless so you move to...Los Angeles? Sure ok whatever. Anyway, he made this record that kinda sounds like a stoned, burnt out, disheveled Gary Numan. It drags sometimes and seems hesitant to go fully cosmic on a lot of its songs but there's definitely some worthwhile stuff in there, particularly towards the end of the record when the tempos slow down and it feels like melting under the twin suns of Tatooine.

RIYL: Garage Rock, Gary Numan, Dune 

Mystic Braves - Mystic Braves: Mystic hazy psych garage w/ some cool country-ish influences as well (rolling drums and basslines!). Sounds a lot like some lost 60s band. All the tracks kind of sound the same but good now that the weather is getting hot. 

RIYL: 13th Floor Elevators, The Doors, hanging rugs on your wall

Stay based and nonchalant spread love 2014 and beyond and remember to get enough sleep.

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