NeoGarden Gathering

NeoGarden Gathering is a one day celebration of all things creative for and by the Claremont College Community. It is a fusion of forward thinking music, live art, vendors, and dance-party vibes, featuring a slew of amazing artists across many mediums. 

Where: Pitzer College

When: Friday, April 4


MUSIC LINEUP (stay tuned for the live-music lineup!) 

-- Kill Frenzy -- 

Dirtybird Records -- LA, CA --

Kill Frenzy (aka Sébastien) is a young DJ producer from Belgium. He worked his way into the production game rather fast after at age 17 discovering the fast dirty booty house tracks comming from Chicago and detroit. His first ep was picked up immediately by Hervé of The Count of Monte Cristal with his Cheaper thrills (UK) label. He continued to release trax and remixes on various different labels, flirting with different genres while at the same time keeping that original ghetto house and booty flavor. In 2012 Kill Frenzy debuted on Claude Vonstroke’s label Dirty bird with Booty Clap (“Make that Booty Clap featuring DJ Funk ”) which became a track widely known across the world.

-- Solicitors -- 

Them Flavors x Perfect Driver -- SF, CA -- 


Jayko of Them Flavors and Fritz Carlton of Perfect Driver Music have teamed up to form ghetto-house alias Solicitors. With a passion for all things bouncy, these young masters of their craft lunge into the modern sound with no regards for the rules. This duo represents the new, bold face of west-coast house music, plus a ruthless approach to the dance-floor experience. 

Them Flavors Takeover 

-- Chicago, IL -- 

Them Flavors: soundcloud
Equator Club: soundcloud

Them Flavors represents the dark, smokey corners of the Chicago dance music scene. As curators, creators, and DJ's alike, this up and coming brand has their ear to the street, with an obsession with sweaty basements and banging sound systems. 

-- HMU -- 

Off The Deep End Live -- LA, CA -- 

Repping the OTDE collective from downtown Los Angeles, HMU are the after-party specialists. They represent the dark-side of late night vibes, with a fresh take on the bass music sound. 


Your Girlfriends Favorite Music Blog.

-- Smoking Jacket -- Claremont, CA -- 



Photography by: 

Kyle Goldberg Photography aka #KGLS


JBernstein Photo 


----------Live Music Lineup coming soon!!!------------

If you want to get involved or if you are from outside the colleges and want to come, just email

Huge thanks to SAC and Art Collective for being dope and helping to make this happen! 

+ this is also Max Field's senior thesis symposium (party)

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