KXSC Fest Vendor: Kogi BBQ

The soul of any city can be found in the food it serves. For Los Angeles, widely known as a melting pot of different cultural heritages, Kogi BBQ is arguably the best example of the fusion cuisine that LA is so great at dishing up.

Taking the best of Korean and Mexican cuisines, Chef Roy and his fleet of four trucks serve moth-watering comfort food to the greater Los Angeles area.

If you’re new to Kogi, start out with what is widely considered the dish that birthed the Korean-Mexican taco movement: the short rib tacos. Two corn tortillas filled with double caramelized Korean BBQ short rib, salsa roja, a cilantro, onion, and lime relish, and chili soy Kogi slaw guarantee return visits.

For those looking to try something new off of the menu, the original Kogi special, the kimchi quesadilla, is too good to pass up. Full of melted jack and cheddar cheeses and caramelized, buttered kimchi and topped with salsa roja and crushed sesame seed, its legendary among vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Add your choice of meat for an even more flavorful experience.

Top off your meal with a desert featuring everyone’s favorite spice of choice—the Sriracha bar. Spicy candied peanuts, crispy rice, caramel, and a Sriracha ganache coated in homemade dark chocolate satisfy the Sriracha fiend in everyone.

What makes Kogi the best of what LA has to offer isn’t just its delicious fare, but their commitment to quality and serving as wide of a Los Angeles demographic as possible. Kogi inspired a food truck movement and a hundred imitators, but at KXSC Fest this year, make sure to give what started it all a try.

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-Michelle Khazaryan, Programming Director, Metamorphosis 

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