KXSC Fest Art: Tony B Conscious

Tony B Conscious is quite the character. Running Venice Beach for ages, this man is considered a local street artist extraordinaire. He often refers to himself as the Ghetto Van Gogh for his wildly visionary pieces and use of graffiti as his main tool of art. A man of many trades, Tony is not only an artist but also an author, beatboxer, designer, drummer, intellect, performer, singer, vegan, and renaissance man. With such a wide array of titles under his gold belt, Mr. Conscious is sure to delight all at Fest with his unique pieces of art and special character. He has agreed to paint a live mural for KXSC that we are very excited about. 

Tony loves to infuse his personal flair into all forms of art that he produces. With such an effervescent personality, it will be hard to miss Tony at Fest. We'll just let the video say the rest.

-Alex Zhang, Sales

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