KXSC Fest Presents: Cigarette Bums

Founded in 2009 by Silverlake’s Steven Carrera, Cigarette Bums channel classic rock n roll favorites like The Sonics and The Stooges, but with the dexterity and competence of a well-oiled studio crew. With a handful of 7” singles & EPs under their belt, the ‘Bums have navigated their way into the heart of SoCal’s burgeoning garage & punk rock scene. The group has shared bills with many of LA’s finest, and is even a part of Burger Records’ massive showcase at the South by Southwest festival in Austin this year. For a 3-piece unit, they pack quite a wallop. The band is hard at work to release its next full-length album this summer, so be sure to catch them at KXSC Fest before they blow up!

Facebook / Bandcamp

-Nick Arnold, Assistant Music Director

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