KXSC Fest Presents: Sun Araw

To quote the Sun Araw website, the new record, Belomancie, “is designed as a transportation system”. It goes on to say that the record should be listened to “at the highest volume that is comfortable on high quality speakers with a pronounced stereo field or an excellent pair of headphones”. It’s safe to say that this disclaimer applies to all of Sun Araw’s protean music.

Cameron Stallones

Cameron Stallones

Sun Araw is the moniker of an ongoing project of Austin, Texas native Cameron Stallones. He now resides in Long Beach, where he records his swampy cocktails of psychedelic reggae and afrobeat out of a studio he built in his home. Stallones’ live show incorporates looping and onstage sound manipulation, lending his subtly tight compositions a loose and spontaneous feel. But all of these words that attempt to contextualize the Sun Araw sound aren’t really doing the music any justice; as Stallones’ website also says: “Belomancie is not designed to accompany any existing environments.”

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