KXSC Fest Presents: Kirin J Callinan

Image via clashmusic.com

Image via clashmusic.com

After the stationites flew home from CMJ 2013, I wrote a cup of coffee review about this here Kirin J Callinan based off the time we spent with him at his Brooklyn showcase. I've learned infinitely more about him since then that I think would benefit the public, future KXSC Fest 2014 attendees, and establish general good spirits for the greater good.

First off, he's Australian, which doesn't matter at all really but it's a fun fact just like one-time-I-went-to-band-camp-and-I-found-a-squirrel-in-my-suitcase fun fact. 

Second, Kirin is a music video nut. He hung upside down for a music video, everyone, and he did a GIF video which was divine and then there was this adjective-eliminated shower one and it totally made him go creatively AWOL which is exactly what the world needed (culturally of course; please report to the president for any sort of logical thing we need thanks), and how could we forget the red curtain of "Victoria M." !!!!!!

Image via cheeseontoast.co.nz

Image via cheeseontoast.co.nz

And third, he has the word quesadilla on his rib. Or somewhere on his body. I can't recall this fact too clearly but when I think of Kirin's tattoos, the scrawl of QUESADILLA does a Ken Burns float in my mind.

But, you know, I guess if we're going to talk about actual music and whatnot, I absolutely recommend that you sit down with a cool smoothie that has a plastic mermaid hanging off the edges plus a peanut butter sandwich and some straight-edge double stuf oreos (NO ONE IS SURPRISED THAT THE COOKIE DOUGH OREOS ARE NOT ACTUALLY COOKIE DOUGH) and when you drink it down, dance to "Love Delay".

Also, I think he's trying to grow a mustache but don't take my word for it.

See him at KXSC Fest because you'll change.

Website // Facebook // Bandcamp

-Mikayla Cowley, Concerts Director, Steve Buscemi's Prom Night

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