KXSC Fest Vendor: Mount Analog

When you think of record shopping in Los Angeles, only one name really comes
to mind: Amoeba. Amoeba has its fair share of records, and caters to a wide
array of tastes. However, prior to 2012 there was no Los Angeles record store
that specialized in only electronic records.

Mount Analog filled this void for Los Angeles, opening its doors in Highland Park in the summer of 2012. They describe themselves as a “place for anyone and everyone desiring cutting edge brands, art, music, literature and film.”

5906 1/2 Figueroa, Los Angeles, CA

5906 1/2 Figueroa, Los Angeles, CA

Owners Zane Landreth and Mahssa Taghinia focused on something that is an
after thought with the emergence of online shopping: the in store experience.
Sifting through the records at Mount Analog, you can find a carefully curated
selection of records old and new. The in store experience does not end with the
just merchandise however, Mount Analog is home to an array of arts events as well.
Just in the last month, they have hosted a screening of “The Sound of Belgium,”
a documentary chronicling the evolution of Belgian dance music. They host a
reoccurring event called “Nuit Noire” as well that brings in some of the most
talented house and electro producers from around the world.

Mount Analog came to Los Angeles at the perfect time. As Landreth explained in an
interview prior to the opening of Mount Analog with LA I’m Yours: “There’s a huge
club culture and DJs and kids that are going out, there’s nowhere for them to buy
records.” You’ll find Mount Analog at KXSC Fest, or in Highland Park.

Website // Facebook // Twitter

-Naomi Menezes, Street Team

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