KXSC Fest Vendor: Coolhaus

Image via eatcoolhaus.com

Image via eatcoolhaus.com

Ever wanted to combine your love of ice cream with your love of architecture? At KXSC Fest this year, you won’t have to look further than Coolhaus, a food truck serving up "ice cream sandwiches deconstructed into cookie roofs and floor slabs with ice cream walls.” Dedicated to high quality and highly sustainable ingredients, Coolhaus hand makes each and every ice cream sandwich with care, from the basics—such as the Frank Berry (Strawberry ice cream + Snickerdoodle cookie)—to the adventurous—including their Brown Butter and Candied Bacon ice cream on Chocolate Chip cookies. And to top it all off, every sandwich is wrapped in a customizable, all-natural, EDIBLE wrapper. Who knew ice cream sandwiches could be so cool?

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-DJ DeSha, PSA Engineer, Synthesized Pleasure

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