Album Review: Matangi

Matangi is the latest album by the controversial Maya Arulpragasm, more commonly known as M.I.A. Its sound is bold, eclectic, and wholly awesome.  From the mysterious opener Karmageddon, to the catchy, bass-heavy, Double Bubble Trouble, M.I.A. takes the listener on a journey through a musical soundscape filled with unexpected twists and turns. There are thumping dance tracks as well as slower groovy-tastic jams, and while the sometimes-jarring sound may be alienating to some listeners, M.I.A. blends genres together so well on Matangi that holistically, this album represents the artistic zenith of M.I.A. musical career. On previous albums M.I.A. has often stumbled; many of her old songs sound like they were put together quickly and unthinkingly, merely bombastic “fuck-all” raps with abrasive musical undertones.  On Matangi, M.I.A.’s lyrics remain in-your-face and rebellious, but the musicality behind them is so much more rich and complex, the artistry in prominent display. This is M.I.A. at her finest—she’s as bold and unafraid as ever, but she’s finely tuned her craft by perfecting a reggae-infused, genre-bending sound that proves that this time around she’s not just a rapper, but an artist.  

-Theresa, KXSC Intern

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