New LA Adds: Ras G, Peach Kelli Pop, Afterhours, Gothic Tropic and Generacion Suicida

Ras G - Raw Fruit, Vol. 2: If you know Ras G, you know what to expect here: 15 short tracks of heavy MPC beats paying tribute to the history of psychedelic African-American music from Sun Ra to George Clinton to Andre 3000 and beyond. OH RAAAS!

RIYL: Flying Lotus, Lee Scratch Perry, Dr. Dre 

Peach Kelli Pop - Peach Kelli Pop: Burger records. Fuzz. Cute girl. Short songs about summer/friends/relationships/whatever. You already know. Nothing groundbreaking but pretty catchy and fun.

RIYL: All this music is just stuff for people who think they're too cool to listen to blink-182, right? Respect to blink-182 they were good.

Afterhours - Low Life: Late night (duh) analog house/ambient/jazzy hip-hop jams that go in some neat directions. Has an interesting stop-start quality to it that sounds like poor track sequencing but reminds me of jerking in and out of sleep when you're too tired to function. For 4am when you're coming down but you can't sleep yet.

RIYL: Actress, Nujabes, L.I.E.S. stuff

Gothic Tropic - Awesome Problems: Kind of psych, kind of brazilian sounding, kind of motorik? Sounds a lot like the name is the best description I can think of. Very primal vibes in parts, which makes it break out of its reverb-y LA indie rock shell. Pretty neat!

RIYL: Best Coast, Neu!, Os Mutantes

Generacion Suicidia - Con La Muerte a Tu Lado: Pretty straight ahead catchy/shouty/jumpy punk. All the lyrics and song titles are in Spanish which makes a really good language for shouty punk lyrics, surprisingly. Some wersten Ennio Morricone flavor to the guitars at times.

RIYL: Los Crudos, Bad Religion, Black Flag

Hope everyone has a good week, stay positive, and don't get too overwhelmed by all the music in this Age of Information.

Your friend,


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