KXSC Fest Fundraiser

KXSC Fest is coming faster than you think. On Feburary 28th, 2015 KXSC Radio will present you with another amazing day of specially curated music and art. But, we need your help to make it happen. We are holding a fundraiser now until the end of December to raise money for KXSC Fest!

How you can donate:
Donating to our fundraiser is super easy! First, click this link to get to our donation page. Here you can learn more about our station and why every contribution matters, and donating is a simple process (you only need to know your credit card information!). 

A token of our appreciation:
We are offering perks as a way to thank you for your support and contribution. For specific donations within $5 to $350, we will give back to you merchandise and gifts. For example, a donation of $25 will get an e-mailed thank you video, handwritten letter with staff photo, KXSCmagnet, and an "I Support College Radio" bumper sticker, while a donation of $250 gets every merchandise/gift offered for the smaller donation amounts plus a meet and greet with a KXSC Fest artist and band! Check out more details at our Ignite page here.

Giving Tuesday, 12/2: 24 hour live programming
Like our other fundraisers, we will be hosting a 24 hour live programming event on December 2. Make sure to write it in your calendars, tune in (anytime!) and share with everyone.

Any amount helps. And if you can't make a donation -- consider sharing about the fundraiser online and with your friends. Anything helps!

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