Sample Showcase Recap: Godfrey At Large & Marc Payne

USC alumnus, Dustin Warren, goes by the name Godfrey At Large and is a child of both Psychedelia and Soul. Touting a sound that spans everywhere from Marvin Gaye to Mars Volta, his music is a natural manifest of the limitless potential that music can have on our culture.
Born and raised in the heart of Los Angeles, he quickly grew to develop an unquenchable thirst for the fringe - drinking away at anything (and everything) that he felt was a expression of both destruction and rebirth. Artists such as Curtis Mayfield, Jimi Hendrix, and John Coltrane inspired him to follow in a tradition of abject confrontation between the artist, the music and the audience. Thus began a journey into the abyss - a sound that explores sound for the sake of sound, an art the explores art for the sake of destruction, a light that explores darkness for the sake of innovation, and a love that explores love for the sake of rebirth.

Payne is an example of a talented young man taking the non-traditional road to success as a rapper. He has opened for acts such as J.Cole, The Clipse, and T-Pain among others and by performing and having his mix-tapes featured at various universities, including USC, SDSU, Morehouse/Spellman in the AUC, UCLA, ASU, and the University of Miami. Marc has become very popular among the collegiate crowdhaving "slammed" at venues across the nation, from Da Poetry Lounge in Hollywood and Magic Johnson's Starbuck's in Ladera Hights, Calif. all the way to ‘They Nuyorican Poets Café’ in New York City, he has had the opportunity to open for spoken world legends and Def Poets such as Poetri, Aja Monet, Judy Holiday, Talaam Acey, and Javon Johnson. He has headlined shows from San Francisco to Tokyo to Europe. His goal is to connect with all audiences around the world.

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