New LA Adds: Traps PS and Media Jeweler

Traps PS - Pure TruthK hi here is a cool album some from really cool dudes who are from LA, which is why I'm adding it. They tagged it as "funk" and "music," so I'd say it's that probably. "Surf-tinged post-punk à la Gang of Four and fucking the Surfaris, dude. Put the Ventures instead of the Surfaris." - my friend Newman. I'm bad at writing about music so I think it's fast-paced and high-energy and shouty ("yelpy" - Henry). It's pretty short, but "Surprises", the longest song is really good and especially funky. 

Media Jeweler - No ExitMath rock. They are great and live one of the guys plays two horns at once. There's a good bass line in this, which I like a lot. There are no words in this song. There is also a remix for the song, which is very good, but I like the original song better.

RIYL: weird time signatures

G o o d b y e,


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