Album Review: Run the Jewels 2

Run The Jewels is made up of super-dynamic duo Killer Mike and EL-P. They both have booming, huge, and immediately-recognizable styles. The record is gritty, mean, political, and has songs to make a crowd of hip, Los Angeles teens wearing "Odd Future" socks mosh for day.

In the wake of the Ferguson, Missouri crisis, political unrest surrounding black Americans and Americans alike has surfaced. Young African American Michael Brown was shot walking the streets - for what? For walking on the street instead of the sidewalk - and not just once, he was shot six times. Killer Mike of Run the Jewels voiced his opinions on the matter, warning of the horrors of today's modern civil rights. While Run the Jewels 2 may or may not be a reflection of Killer Mike's outlook, the record sounds like a soundtrack to the current state of American affairs. It is deeply political, and the lyrics attack modern day values: "the fellows at the top are likely rapists..." ("Blockbuster Night Part 1").

Aside from the political messages, the record is masterly crafted. EL-P has a production style that blows on'es "Odd Future" socks off in the style of Danny Brown. It's vulgar, dark and sounds the way music would sound if produced by punching people. It's great for driving to a party with too many people in the back seat, or for a Breaking Bad style montage of making absurd amounts of amphetamines. I love Killer Mike's unique, booming voice, and coupled with EL-P's mad scientist producting, their first album effort (Run the Jewels 1 is a mixtape) is a massive success. I give it a 9.1/10; the extra 0.1 for good measure.

-Cole Preston, KXSC Intern

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