Album Review: Pulsars e Quasars EP

Recently released is New York-based Alexis Georgopoulos' newest album with Arp, Pulsars e Quasars. It's Geogopoulo's first album with record label Mexican Summer (Kurt Vile, Washed Out), a label which has consistently put out solid experimental, shoegaze-inspired sounds- and its influence definitely shows through this album. Arp is known for soaring electronic melodies, but Pulsars e Quasars takes that to a whole new level: as can be deduced from the album title, a cosmic theme can be felt throughout, with glittering, starry synths and keening drones that contrast with light bass lines. This dichotomy of danger vs. light-hearted adventurousness is a persistent presence, and the album starts with "Suns", a dark, industrial cut littered with feedback, and then transitions into the undeniably pop-y titular track. "On Returning" is another lovely track, with its triumphant melody and consistent use of electronic distortion to replicate the sound of a rocketship descent. The track ends with a "lift-off" effect that's a little too literal, though, and the album really feels like it ought to end there, but two remixes follow and seem entirely extraneous. Nevertheless, a solid and very accessible album for Arp's Mexican Summer debut.

ecommended Tracks: "Pulsars e Quesars", "On Returning", "Suns"


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