New LA Adds: Harry Cloud and R.L. Kelly & Spencer Radcliffe

Harry Cloud - Red BarnOk, I get serious douche chills from this guy's internet presence (seriously, I don't care that you write your band description as a weird rambly monologue and stop using so many backslashes, destroy all people in stupid guitar bands who think they are tortured artistic geniuses, nice rape joke lol f*ck you). BUT not gonna lie, the music is pretty good and Kate and I are mad about it. Slow f*cked up burnt out doomgazegaragewhatever for hating yourself and your surroundings w/ bits of Ty Segall, Sleep, Godflesh, Pink Floyd even? HENRY

Recommended Tracks: "Windas", "Constant Power"

Spencer Radcliffe & R.L. Kelly - Brown HorseAnother great thing from great Orchid Tapes. Great. This is a cool split from Spencer Radcliffe (I dunno where he's from) and R.L. Kelly (who is from LA, so that's why we're adding this). I like the R.L. Kelly side of this split a lot better, so I'm gonna talk about that. Her side is acoustic and quiet with really honest lyrics, which is nice. I really like "Wake Up" and "The Great Big World". "Whispery acoustic music" - Henry. Maybe it's twee music. I think that's a genre. KATE

Recommended Tracks: "The Great Big World", "Wake Up"

Big ups to all our haters,

Your Friends,

Henry and Kate

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