Show Review: Check Yo Ponytail 2 (So Japan, Pipes, Brooke Candy, and Tokimonsta)

Last Tuesday at the Echoplex, Sam and I had the opportunity witness not only one of the craziest live shows I’ve experienced, but one of the most insane audiences, as well. Of course, with a line up containing Pipes and Brooke Candy, anything less and IHC Presents: Check Yo Ponytail 2 would have been a disappointment.


The DJ duo So Japan warmed up the crowd by playing an interesting mix of hip hop, various genres within EDM, current hits, past hits, and songs I wouldn’t expect to hear in a DJ set. To say the least, So Japan’s set was unorthodox, but never boring. Although their transitions between songs could be shaky at times, their energy was great and their set never boring.

Pipes, who was listed on the bill as Pipes (Live), came on next. I don’t know how this house-hop duo could have performed their set any other way than live. Matty P, the singer for Pipes, performed in a Jersey-like robe/crop top, shook ass more than Brooke Candy (who we will get to momentarily), and had a crew of backup dancers that carried him off stage at the end like Jesus and the crucifix. Their music was ok; nothing to get overly excited about, but their performance was one of the best I’ve seen. If you ever get a chance to see Pipes (Live) perform, take it. You will not be disappointed.

Matty P of Pipes Sporting a crop top  Photo by Sam Couch

Matty P of Pipes Sporting a crop top

Photo by Sam Couch

In contrast to the wonderful performance by Matty P, Kitty Pryde sang a surprise song for the audience eagerly awaiting to be graced by the presence of none other than the Hoodrat Drew Barrymore, CEO, dream girl, drug dealer, Brooke Candy.

The between acts hype man got the crowd screaming bloody murder when he asked if we’re all “READY FOR BROOK CANDY??!”. Sadly, however, Kitty Pryde decided to do a surprise song, turning down the energy to a level lower than before the show started. Even she noticed. About 20 seconds into what I hesitate to call a song she says in a 1980s valley girl “You guys are, like, so not turnt up anymore!” ( notice the dying audience in the video below )

Luckily, Brooke Candy took to the stage soon after. This tiny rapper with a not so tiny attitude came out wearing a cheerleader get up with a cropped cheer tank reading “So High”, and of course, Adidas platforms that only become even more impressive when you realize how really drunk she is. I was hoping to see some classic Brooke Candy pussy popping that she executes so expertly in her videos, but I’ll let it slide due to how heavily I believe she was intoxicated and how high her shoes were, too.


The legendary shoes  Photo by Paige Schwimer

The legendary shoes

Photo by Paige Schwimer

Like any true diva, she had had a full possee on the side of the stage, and someone ready at all times to touch up her anime style eye makeup, glitter covered lips, and her 5 wigs. Between almost every song, a tiny man in gold shoes helped her out with this.

Brooke Candy  Photo by Sam Couch

Brooke Candy

Photo by Sam Couch

About half way through her set, she held a twerking competition in which two guys and four girls partook. SO. MANY. BUTTS. One of the fine ladies on stage showed her whole booty to the audience due to her short, tight dress, and one of the guys took off his shorts to reveal a jock-strap under torn fishnets.


Finally, Tokimonsta took to the stage, played a few songs with a live singer, and finished off with her instrumental tracks.

Tokimonsta  Photo by Sam Couch


Photo by Sam Couch

Overall, Check Yo Ponytail 2 was one hell of an experience. At the end of the night I felt that I reached my daily requirement of twerking, butts, makeup and sick tunes. Basically, all you could ever want at a show.

-Paige Schwimer, Publications, Nothing In Particular

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