Show Review: Breakbot


This past March, I had the opportunity to attend an evening of music, memories and community. It was none other than another edition of Private Label Nights at Lure, this time featuring Breakbot, Irfane, Bondax and more.

Fans of The View From Nowhere might recall we did an interview with Breakbot in 2009, shortly before the release of the critically acclaimed single “Baby I’m Yours” featuring Irfane. His debut album , “By Your Side” recently became available in the US on April 9, 2013 with an exclusive new bonus track “Peanuts” [Amazon]

The night began with Bixel Boys warming up the night, followed by Irfane in what I was surprised to learn would be purely a DJ set. Rather than the usual warm up crowd pleasers consisting of the top Beatport/Top40s hits, Irfane played an eclectic set of funk and soul ranging from the likes of Prince to Larry Graham & Graham Central Station. Next up was Bondax from the UK. Highlights of Bondax’s set included hearing their hit song “Gold,” on a solid sound system as well as a brief musical cameo of the French touch classic, Modjo “Lady.” It was during this set I realized the uniqueness of this crowd. It included people from all walks of life (and fashions), something I haven’t previously seen at Breakbot show.


Breakbot’s set was a fun, energetic mashup of soul, funk, disco house and even rap; all programmed and mixed harmonically in key by the tastemaker himself. The highlight for me was when he played Patrice Rushen’s “Forget Me Nots” (circa 1982, sampled by Will Smith for “Men in Black), mixing it right into his love anthem that almost unanimously unites audiences to sing in unison every time I see him, “Baby I’m Yours” featuring Irfane. The one element of this show left one wanting however:  Despite billing a show with Breakbot and Irfane, two artists whose bodies of work are nearly inseparable from one another, there was no live performance with the two on stage. Having seen videos of the duo performing their future classics together live on stage, undoubtedly several fans (myself include) expected this butw ere surprised and a little disappointed to find Irfane did not join Breakbot on stage to provide live vocals for their songs. Perhaps another time. Despite this, I was pleased that Breakbot went a full 2 hours despite the normal 2AM closing time for most venues. This is always a treat in Los Angeles.

I would like to applaud the efforts of event organizers Private Label and the venue Lure for diversifying an already impressive roster of talent on one of its most busy nights. It’s always great to see LA’s most subscribed venues be more forward thinking about music beyond the usual crowdpleasers. The past 3 months Private Label Nights has brought us artists such as Alan Braxe, Aeroplane, Tiger & Woods, Flight Facilities, Oliver and Fred Falke. The new season of Private Label brings us more shows with Miami Horror, Touch Sensitive, Goldroom, Poolside and more.

Big thanks to Le Panda photography, Private Label Events and Lina Noory, Director at Lure.

Full Interview with Breakbot Coming Soon.

- Ahmar, The View From Nowhere


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