KXSC Presents: Celebrating 65 Years of USC Student Radio

In cooperation with the 1st Annual KXSC Fundraiser

Join us in a celebration of KXSC and the history of student radio here at USC, from the 1950's to today! 

Where: KXSC.org/listen

When: Tuesday, April 16 from 10AM to 8PM


This event will devote an entire day of programming to every period of USC student radio's diverse history. On April 16th, we will be re-airing old programming and discussing the history of the station in order to celebrate our heritage and preserve it for future generations of DJs and staff. 

Hear programming from all eras of college radio and interviews from past DJs recalling all the trials and triumphs of a unique student-run college radio station!

More information on the FUNdraiser & a link to donate can be found on our indiegogo campaign

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