KXSC Presents: Battle of the Bands


Come see Tommy's Place turn into a BATTLEGROUND for student bands to combat each other with their impeccable chord changes, sharp lyrics, and visceral energy. Last band standing gets to open at KXSC's first Spectrum show of next semester (where hip bands like So Many Wizards perform at Tommy's Place) and five hours with our equipment in our mixing studio. It's like Game of Thrones but substitute shiny armor and inter-family drama with shiny audio equipment and inter-band drama.

Where: Tommy's Place

When: Friday, April 19 from 9PM to 1AM



+Submit your music to botbkxsc@gmail.com, be it zip files, dropbox links, soundcloud accounts, or Neopets profiles. 

+No application necessary! But please provide a short description of your band, a phone number, and a contact email address. 

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