TripleDouble Productions presents CARLTON, TYLER MANN, TAYLOR RAE, and more @ Top Tomato Studios


A couple of years back, the good folks at ArtHouse Live turned what was once an old Greek couple's tomato shop into an incredible space for musical and artistic expression. Since then, dozens of groups have transformed Top Tomato Studios into a rocking venue for some of the coolest up and coming talent in Los Angeles.

And that's what they're doing. 

TripleDouble Productions is proud to present a night of live music and bumpin' DJ sets featuring some of the best young talent emerging from the University of Southern California (USC) and Musicians Institute (MI). In doing so, we too will transform Top Tomato Studios, giving you a unique opportunity to check out some of the best talent Los Angeles has to offer at the university level. 

So come on down to Top Tomato Studios in Mar Vista on Friday! 


Buy presale tickets from any of the Facebook event admins or at the door.

All Ages 
Drinks available for purchase if 21+ 
Doors @ 8:00pm
***ca$h only for bar and door***

CARLTON @ 10:30

 Website // Facebook


Facebook // Myspace



Bump and grind to DJ sets all night by Sam Wilkes and KXSC DJs Eric Loew of 60 +/- and Grimmrobe Incantations, and Lee Robinson of Barbershop Roulette.

Directions to the venue:

From USC in a car:

Take the 10 West towards Santa Monica, merge onto the 405 South toward LAX/Long Beach, then take exit 52 towards Venice Blvd. Turn right onto Sawtelle Blvd and follow the signs for Venice Blvd. Turn Left on Venice Blvd. Hang a Lefty on Grand View Blvd and Top Tomato Studios will be on your right.

From USC via Public Transit:

Take the Metro Expo Line towards Culver City. Exit at the Culver City Station and walk to Venice/Robertson. Take the 33 Bus towards 33 Venice. Exit at Venice/Grand View and walk to 3825 Grand View Blvd!

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