Show Review: Los Amigos Invisibles

 Walking into The Fonda Friday night was like walking into a foreign world, a world that possessed an energy that could not be found a few paces away on Hollywood Blvd. The Music Box was filled with culture and patriotism unseen at the average rock concert that I’m used to attending. Music, provided by the DJ who stood on a balcony above the crowd, shook the walls and encouraged people to dance. Everyone gladly obliged. Most of the songs provided a great excuse to dance salsa or cumbia or simply shake your hips and jump around.

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The DJs played music until the live performance started at 10pm. Once the performance started nothing was still and almost everyone had his or her hands in the air. It seemed clear that the songs in English were much less popular however the crowd still enjoyed them. They played popular songs such as “Dulce”, Sueño Erotico”, “All Day Today”, and “Viviré Para Ti” that had the whole crowd dancing and singing along. An exuberant group in the front row wearing crazy, neon colored wigs waved their Venezuelan flag in the air as they danced and even tossed one of their wigs on stage which Julio wore as he performed one of the songs. The members of Los Amigos Invisibles had a great energy and charisma that was emulated and appreciated by the audience.

-Salo Mizrachi, It's A Small World, PSA Sales


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