Show Review: Shlomo and Nite Jewel

This past Saturday, I was lucky enough to get tickets to the sold out show at the Fonda to see Shlohmo w/ special guest Jeremih.  The event also featured DJs from the Shlohmo’s Wedidit crew as well as fellow LA-native, Nite Jewel. 

2013-04-06 22.39.55.jpg

I found my seat in the balcony at the end of Nite Jewel’s performance, catching only the last two songs. The crowd seemed restless while waiting for Shlohmo’s set. It may have been people’s desire to get dancing after Nite Jewel’s down-tempo synthesized performance but something made me think it was the buzz that R&B star Jeremih might be somewhere backstage. After 15 minutes, Shlohmo took the stage and thanked everyone for coming out.  As layers of fog formed around the base of his DJ platform, Shlohmo launched into “Out of Hand”, a track from his newest EP Laid Out. The crowd instantly started bobbing in unison with the song’s washed-out vocal sample and swelling synths. From here, he went into “Drop That B”, paying homage to Friends of Friends kin, Salva. Being the monster track that it is, the crowd started bouncing all over the floor.  The rest of the set featured a sprinkle of old and new songs and Shlohmo’s favorite effect flair, the stutter delay. He cut his last song short, which was a smooth, slowed down version of “Genie in the Bottle”, to announce that Jeremih was coming on stage.

2013-04-06 23.03.26.jpg

Screams immediately sounded out from the audience below as the melody of “Birthday Sex” came out of the venue’s speakers. Decked with Gucci shades, Jeremih enthralled the audience with his spectacular range and his gold-chained hype-man. With Shlohmo djing behind the two, the set climbed, reaching its peak during the live performance of “Bo Peep.”  The song showcases each artist’s talents and blends the two styles seamlessly.  I was glad to see the beginning of what seems to be a promising collaboration between Shlohmo and Jeremih, and potentially, the world of beat-makers and R&B vocalists like Jeremih.

-Lee Robinson, General Manager, Barbershop Roulette

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