Traddies Happy Hour


We’re partnering with Traditions to bring you a special Traddies & KXSC happy hour, featuring live KXSC Djs, drink specials for students over 21 years-old, and food specials for all ages!

Where: Traditions

When: Friday, April 26 from 6PM to 10PM

Celebrate with us in wrapping up the end of a successful fundraiser! We have prepared some special ROBOT JUICES perfect for sipping on while you ogle at the hottie over at the side booth and some special ROCKIN' TUNES for dancing off that god awful WRIT340 paper.

$4.50 Rusty Robot (whiskey + coke)
$5 Robot Punch (pineapple + rum with a splash of Blue Curacao yummmm) 

DJs: Kat B (Sludgefeast), 
Paige (Nothing in Particular), Erika (The Hang Out)\

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